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Specialist Services

Pest Control Specialist Services in Brisbane

Property Management

Pproperty management body corporates:

  • Maintenance Orders
  • Guarantee trained technicians to each job – maintaining high standards.
  • Qualified licensed technicians & fully insured
  • Food, Family & Pet Safe products only
  • Responsible Application Policy applies to all services.
  • Inspection & Direct Issues within a dwelling are photographed & reported, making it easier for Property Managers & Landlords to see issues first hand.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our trained operators will speak politely and work courteously with all Property Managers, Tenants & Landlords. 7 days a week Customer Support via email [email protected]  or 0404 777 150 week days.

Restaurants and Commercial

Pest Control for Restaurants, Cafes, Commercial or food premises

Any Pest Control’s ‘Child, Food and Pet Safe’ Policy is important to the commercial industry. Not only does the policy provide a safe environment for customers and staff, but ensures the principles of industry’s standard are maintained.

  • Own a restaurant, café or a food establishment with pest problems other pest companies can’t solve?
  • Are you aware that pest control is one of the compliance factors assessed by the Brisbane City Council or your local city council?
  • When was the last time a pest control inspection was completed for your commercial property or restaurant to ensure compliance?
  • High volume food service business such as cafes and restaurants should be serviced for pest control at a minimum of every 3 months
  • Are you aware of the reputation or image your business has when it comes to hygiene and pest control matters?

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Get Your House Checked Today!

If you are having problems with a common domestic pest, give us a call today to find out how we can help. Don’t wait until those rats are eating away at all the food in your pantry or those cockroaches or spiders under your house lay thousands of eggs and take over your living space!

Not only will our expert technicians attend to your current situation, they will also take a look around your residence or dwelling to ensure there are no other issues about to disrupt your comfortable lifestyle.

If you need help with removing or eradicating a pest, or even if you want us to come around and do some preventative maintenance to stop any future infestations, contact us today: [email protected]  or 0404 777 150


Any Pest Control’s commitment to using the best possible products

Allergic or sensitive to chemicals?

Please let us know – we can provide a solution that minimizes the impact on you.

Are Any Pest Control Products Natural?

Any Pest Control uses pest control products that are Child, Food and Pet Safe.

This means we use:

  • Water-based products
  •  Formulations that have no colour or odour
  •  Pest chemicals that do not stain

We only use Government Approved Pest Control Products.

Our confidence in our products and service extends to you, the customer.  If you are not completely happy with our services, Any Pest Control offers a free service Satisfaction Guarantee.  Will make sure the issue is solved with no further charge.

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat: [email protected]  or 0404 777 150

Termite Management

 Any Pest control Termite Barriers, Treatments & Inspections

Did you know that 1 in 3 properties are attacked at some stage by termites? Termites cause an estimated $1 billion dollars in damage annually.

In our experience, we have found that termite infestation to a dwelling has generally occurred due to the simple fact that no effective termite protection exists to a dwelling.

Click here to read more about Termites.

Click here to view our Specialist Termite Procedures.

Pre-Purchase Inspections & Annual Building Inspections

We carry out a comprehensive visual termite inspection, typed for you on site.

Areas checked include fence areas, gardens, home perimeter, weep holes under home if accessible and sub floors. Internal accessible areas, door frames, windows, skirting, shower and ensuite areas, accessible ceiling and roof.

Some common inaccessible areas are excessive stored goods, furniture and insulation. Clients are encouraged and most welcome to join us on site to discuss the report and any problem areas with your valuable property asset.

Home pest inspections should be carried out every 12 months (annually), however high-risk homes may require more regular inspections, every 3-6 months. Our Technicians will happily explain any problem areas that need to be attended to.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Spend a little today save a lot later.

We can inspect your home and provide you with a comprehensive typed report listing risk areas, treatment needs, problems to be repaired. We can even refer our trusted handyman to resolve repair issues.

Customer support available 7 days a week (by appointment)

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